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Man and the universe are the same, in a year there are 365 days, man has 365 xuè (acupuncture points), in a year there are 12 months, man has 12 main acupuncture channels. The cosmological cycle guides the changes of the 4 seasons on earth. The bodies of the beings living on earth are constantly changing, that is why the Qi or energy changes, for example in spring and summer it is warmer and the earth Qi rises, in autumn and winter the earth Qi falls.

If the human being is part of nature, the body system of a person must follow and be synchronised with the changes of the earth Qi and the changes of the 4 seasons.

So we can already understand when we say "it's all about the weather“.

"Wisdom does not mean knowledge, but experiential understanding.

Wisdom helps you to radically change your habits and perceptions,

as you discover the constantly changing and interconnected nature of the world,

the totality of existence“

Martine Batchelor


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